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Welcome to San Diego Hotspots! We're Todd & Jeanette, a 30-something couple living in San Diego, and this is our story.

How did you meet?

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Jeanette's Side of the Story...

Todd's Side of the Story...

Why San Diego?

We stayed in Carlsbad a few years ago on an assignment for a travel blog, and we instantly fell in love with the beautiful beaches, laid-back vibe, and charming community. We both grew up in Southern California and, even though we weren't too far from San Diego, it felt like a different world to us.

In fact, we liked it so much that we said to ourselves “wouldn’t it be cool if we lived here???”

It was more a rhetorical question. A cool “what if??”…but not something that really seemed possible.

A year or so later, we decided to look for our first home together, and we stumbled across a short sale within our price range in the San Diego area. After looking at pictures of the home online, we weren’t planning to check out the inside – as short sales often go, it needed a LOT of work.

We drove by to see the house, got out of the car for a quick peek at the outside, and decided we weren't going to give it a second chance. But our dog, Kaia, had other plans. She was insistent on seeing the house and pulled us toward the backyard.

Once we caught a glimpse, we saw the potential and knew we had to see the rest. We called the real estate agent right away, and placed an offer shortly thereafter. I guess you could say our six-pound Chihuahua picked our home for us. Well, you know who runs our house. 🙂

We sold our condo, packed up our home and moved our boxes into storage, not knowing where we would end up. We spent months and months going back and forth with the bank, facing one seemingly impossible challenge after the next.

Our family and friends thought we were completely crazy, and we were mercilessly subjected to viewings of the "The Money Pit." But, we weren't giving up.

We HAD to believe in the bigger picture. And about six months later, we were lucky enough to get the keys to our dream home.

We've been living in San Diego happily ever after with our chihuahua family. In fact, we've added to our family and adopted a third chihuahua from the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego.

We love discovering all that San Diego has to offer, and we created this blog as a way to explore and share our community with others. Whether you’re already a resident or visiting for vacation, we hope you’ll find this a fun and useful resource.

And, if you’re just visiting, we might even convince you to stay...😉